News: Horizon Communication Group & US technology firm Five Blocks announce exclusive partnership

• Leading digital reputation management services now accessible in Australia
• Extensive experience with blue chip US and global companies
• Specialist services to help brands, public figures and individuals protect and manage their online reputation

Integrated communications service consultancy Horizon Communication Group (Horizon) today launched an exclusive partnership with technology and digital consulting company Five Blocks.

The partnership, which covers the Australian market, deepens Horizon’s capabilities in crisis management and digital content strategies, giving Australian brands and individuals access to global methodologies, including Five Blocks’ proven strategic approach, “search results branding”, for the first time.

Justin Flaherty, CEO Horizon Communication Group, explained the importance of the partnership:

“Horizon is proud to be the exclusive partner of Five Blocks in Australia. As strategic communications consultants we understand the value Five Blocks’ unique services bring to the Australian market in what is still a relative greenfield service area in the Australian communications and marketing industry. With this partnership, Horizon will offer solutions that go much further than tactical responses to issues and crises, influencing the frontlines of search and digital platforms.”

Ranked in 2014 as one of America’s fastest growing private companies, Five Blocks has been in operation since 2003 helping hundreds of brands and individuals manage and repair and enhance their online reputation through a mix of services including search intelligence and strategy, strategic content planning and monitoring.

Five Blocks CEO, Sam Michelson, explained his company’s decision to enter Australia through its partnership with Horizon:

“Australia is a market we have been watching for some time. Among large Australian corporates we see a focus on advertising and paid media as the ‘go-to’ tactic for managing online reputation. However, in our experience it is the combination of technology, SEO, PR and integrated communications skills that work best in times of crisis or issues management. With their long history of success and deep understanding of how to apply online content to manage and repair online reputation, Horizon is the perfect fit for Five Blocks to establish our brand down under.”

Five Blocks brings a partnership model to Australia that has served the company well in the USA. It leverages the synergies between the PR function, as the developers and guardians of the corporate message, and the digital/ online marketing function, which publishes, markets and optimises corporate messages through online platforms. The Five Blocks-Horizon partnership brings this complementary service to Australia.
Horizon will be introducing Five Blocks’ services to current and prospective clients, acting as the central account manager for clients seeking access to Five Blocks’ specific skill set. Horizon Founder Liz McLaughlin explained why now is an important time for corporates to be looking closely at their brand reputation online:

“Every person or organisation has a right to have their perspective published in the court of public opinion. In times past the tactical solution to fighting a negative story that appeared prominently in search was to go head to head by getting positive news stories published. Today you’re battling ‘íf it bleeds it leads’ headlines that are fed directly to readers’ mobile platforms via news aggregators. This makes disrupting negative news cycles increasingly difficult. Five Blocks’ services and expertise directly target that disruption in a way few consultancies or technology companies can.”

People who would like to know more about Five Blocks in Australia are encouraged to call Jamie Morse, Director of Corporate at Horizon Communication Group on (02) 8572 5600 or on email