By Jamie | 2 Aug 2016 |
If you're interested in how to manage the online reputation of yourself, your company or your employer you need to read this. The ASX50 Optics Report 2016 is about how brands are presented on the world's most ubiquitous global search engine - Google. It is about how Google presents your online content to your customers and stakeholders - your websites, social media, mobile applications, etc., as well as content about your company that does not belong to you - news media articles, customer reviews etc.

Google’s search algorithm decides what your stakeholders see when they search for your company. This extends to photographs and videos that are linked – correctly or incorrectly – to your brand.

Search results cannot be changed by traditional search engine optimisation (SEO) alone. To understand more deeply how Google sorts and ranks URLs in searches relating to your company is to understand the hidden power of social media pages, Wikis and content that you own as the publisher.

Our analysis shows that the companies which have evolved their communications by publishing content on multiple, publicly available URLs achieve a greater degree of control over their online reputation management. This is important as insurance against reputational risks, notwithstanding the inherent benefits open, transparent public communications brings in terms of thought leadership, marketing, corporate citizenship and governance,

Drawing on the combined expertise of Horizon Communication Group, a leading integrated communications consultancy headquartered in Sydney, and New York-based technology and digital consulting company Five Blocks, we have completed research comparing the online representations of the top 50 ASX-listed companies (ASX50) to those of their peers in the US (Fortune top 100), Hong Kong (Hang Seng Index top 100) and the UK (FTSE top 100). We’ve called our research the ‘Optics Report’ since it relates to how corporate brands are ‘seen’ on Google page 1 (p1). This document is our inaugural Optics Report, and we intend to publish annually to allow future editions to include year-on-year analysis of changes and trends.

With access to Five Blocks’ proprietary tool ‘IMPACT’ we will be able to track search results of the ASX50 throughout this financial year. This will provide data relating to reputational peaks and troughs over the year.

It is hoped through this research we will start new conversations within Australian corporates about Google search and how ASX-listed brands can more proactively manage the way their brands are presented on Google search pages.

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